Spellmates® Name Prints for Children


Spellmates® Name Prints Are Delightful Gifts

  • Spellmates® name prints are delightful baby gifts, birthday gifts, and holiday gifts.
  • Unusual names or unusual spellings are easy to order, since I make every Spellmates® name print to order.
  • Three sizes are available; 8” x 10” and 11” x 14” and 12” x 24” (size listed is mat size)
  • Spellmates® are printed in very bright colors on fine quality glossy photo paper
  • Color mat is included (your choice ; red ,blue, yellow, green, pink, white, light purple, dark purple)
  • Spellmates® name prints are mailed within two weeks after the order is received.

Spellmates® – Patent No.Des.394,278 – ©1997-2012 Sandra A. Nowicki

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