Sparkles the Rainbow Pony (Sparkles the Pony) (Volume 2)

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Sandra Nowicki’s second book about Sparkles contains many wonderful surprises. It’s not just for children but appeals to people of all ages, including senior citizens in assisted living or nursing homes. This unique story is told from the point of view of the pony and begins during a late spring snow storm, bringing back memories of Sandra’s first book, “Sparkles the Christmas Pony.” This time Mary decides to take her Collie puppy, Rascal, for a sleigh ride, which is pulled by Beauty, her black Arabian mare. They don’t expect to find a new born pony, shivering in the cold and abandoned by her mother. The reader soon discovers that the plot involves going back into time, Mary rescues the pony and brings her to the barn. After reporting the incident to the Sheriff, she names the pony, and nurtures her back to health. Several months later the owners return to claim the pony, which creates suspense about the future of Sparkles. The unexpected ending of the story goes beyond fiction, but offers a rainbow of hope to those suffering from illness or confinement.

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