Treasure a Portrait of Your Pet, It will Always Be With You

These original pet portraits reveal the spirit of the pets we love. Each portrait captures these sweet creatures’ expressions, gestures and inner joys. Every portrait has brought great pleasure and comfort to all of those pet owners who have commissioned portraits of their beloved animal companions.

Product Information

Choose a Pencil or Pastel Portrait

    Black and white pencil drawing on heavy, white paper

  • Full color pastel drawing on heavy paper with a suede finish.
  • Color choices for the suede finish paper are white, tan, light gray or dark gray.
  • All Pet Portraits are complete with mat, ready for framing in standard size frames.
  • Mat colors are white, black, gray, dark green, tan, and dark blue

    It’s Beautifully Easy (Just Send a Photo of Your Pet)

  • Pet portraits are drawn from simple snapshots of your pet(s).
  • You indicate which pose you would like and if you want a head and shoulders portrait or a full body portrait.
  • All photos are returned with the completed portrait.