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Meet Sandra Nowicki

About the Artist

Sandra Nowicki is a noted children’s author and multi-talented artist based in Wisconsin. She loves creating paintings and sculptures and is especially fond of making art that features animals. Fueled by her passion, she established Pegasus Studios.

Sandra graduated from the Art Institute of Chicago earning and Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and also earned an art teaching certificate for the state of Illinois and Wisconsin, from kindergarten to Grade 12. She has continued her artistry by taking many extra classes and workshops to enrich her creativity.

Children’s Books

Sandra has published six children’s books which can be ordered on Amazon under her name, Sandra Nowicki. Her works include children’s books about animals. When you place an order, the books will be sent directly to your home.

Her books are written so that children can read the books themselves or have the books read to them. This makes it extra fun for kids and even enjoyable for parents, older siblings, and grandparents.

To complement her deep enthusiasm for writing, she also finds great pleasure in creating whimsical, dreamy animal illustrations for her children’s books.

An Animal and Art Lover Since Childhood

When Sandra was a child, she gained a treasure trove of knowledge from her Polish grandparents who had a dairy farm in the Northwoods of Wisconsin.

Every summer, she spent time with them and learned about caring for cows, pigs, chickens, and observing wildlife.

Sandra uses all of this knowledge in her art creations, such as ceramic sculptures, felt animals, pastels, paintings, and drawings.

She likes to use intense colors and strong designs in her art to show the energy of the animals.

Enjoy Unique Artwork

Explore the Pegasus Studios website and browse Sandra’s artwork. If you would like to commission a piece, get in touch to learn about art made especially for you.